The Call

God has told us to reach out to a group of people, a culture right here travelling throughout the United States, that desperately needs to hear the Good News. They need to know Jesus, and that He loves them so much that He died for their sins, and conquered the grave 3 days later so that they could come home to God. This group is made up of the individuals who travel with, work with, and attend Renaissance Festivals. It is a unique niche of people who are full of artistry, passion, and colorful personality. It is also a setting rich in pagan and ritualistic beliefs and practices. It is so thick in the air when walking through a Faire that it’s almost palpable. Of all the people God could have chosen to witness at these various fairs, He could not have picked anyone better. Praise God for how He uses our weaknesses to Glorify Him! My husband and myself have both had our own backgrounds riddled with pagan beliefs and disciplines. God has worked miraculous mercies and renewals in both our lives. By the Grace of God we are both saved and on fire for Christ today and are truly excited to be allowed to serve God in this way He has chosen for us. Given our own pasts, we pray God can really use us to reach these individuals who believe very similar to how we used to. And that the light within us becomes a beacon for others to be drawn near to Christ’s amazing love and forgiveness. We will be travelling to different Renaissance Faire locations around the country. We do please ask for your continual prayer throughout our ministry as we are going to be in great need of spiritual support. We are sure to come in contact with many trials, temptations, and set backs. God willing we will persevere as we take the back seat and allow the Sprit to lead the way. May our God of peace and love be with you.
Joyce and Mike Augustine